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Georgia HAP Contract Administrators

Performance Based Contract Administration

D&A assisted Georgia HAP Contract Administrators in the development of a business plan and proposal to serve as a Performance-Based Section 8 Contract Administrator, in which Georgia HAP was successful in its initial bid as PBCA for Georgia. D&A worked with Housing Partners, Inc., in a joint venture, to address the organizational and quality control challenges inherent in coordinating 10 cooperating PHAs and the state HFA including addressing staffing requirements, assisting in the selection of a voucher/TRACS subcontractor, and developing a cost and pricing structure.

Mark-to-Market Underwriting

D&A served as subcontractor to Georgia HAP on their PAE contract with HUD in carrying out the technical processing of Section 8 project restructurings under the Mark-to-Market (OHMAR/OAHP) Program.


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