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Business and Technical Experience:

Mr. Wicklund has over a decade of experience in the affordable multifamily housing industry. As the Vice President of PBCA Programs, he works closely with the Executive Team at Du & Associates to help implement the strategic consulting plans for each of its clients, including the conversion of over 1500 public housing units to the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) PBRA program.

Mr. Wicklund’s role also includes the oversight of Du & Associates’ Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) portfolio, which encompasses over 1100 contracts and almost 90,000 units across three states. Before holding this position, he was the Manager of Adjustments and Renewals for our Michigan portfolio, overseeing the processing and review of all contract renewals and rent adjustments completed by analysts for MMAM to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the final results. This includes guiding owners through the process of selecting the correct renewal option, helping to make determinations as to when preservation actions should be taken and administering the application of rent adjustments under the following methods: Budget-Based, Operating Cost Adjustment Factor (OCAF), Annual Adjustment Factor (AAF), Mark-Up-to-Market (MU2M) and Fifth Year Adjustments. Mr. Wicklund has been performing the initial reviews of Rent Comparability Studies (RCS) for the last 10 years and was instrumental in developing a review checklist for use prior to HUD’s first implementation of a standardized checklist in 2014. He has also conducted seminars on these subjects at housing industry meetings and workshops.

Prior to becoming the Manager of Adjustments and Renewals, Mr. Wicklund worked first as a Financial Analyst and then as the Assistant Manager of Adjustments and Renewals. Based on his experience at all levels of the contract renewal and rent adjustment processes, he has been able to refine both internal and external processes with an eye on total program efficiency. As such, Mr. Wicklund has been a frequent participant in both HUD and industry discussion groups pertaining to improving Section 8 regulations and procedures.

Prior to working for Du & Associates, Mr. Wicklund worked as an Assistant Property Manager at a market-rate multifamily housing complex for PREIM Group, LLC. In this role, he created and implemented a payments database system, adapted the advertising and marketing plan, and streamlined the application process. By convincing the Property Manager and Owner to implement a standard application fee and require a more detailed housing history, the property was able to significantly reduce fees for credit and background checks and decrease vacancy periods by limiting the applicant pool to only serious and suitable individuals.



Michigan State University

B.A. Degree – General Business Administration – Pre-Law - 2006


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