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Housing Authority of the City of El Paso

D&A was retained by the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso (HACEP) to design and implement a new business model to reposition the entire housing portfolio as part of the organization’s transformation under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. HACEP is leading the nation in the transformation of public housing, leveraging over $1 billion to create investor driven property management reliant on the highest standards of performance. The portfolio consists of over 8,000 units of housing, including both single and multifamily properties; high rises; townhouses; and garden apartments. The age of each property varies and an aggressive redevelopment schedule is in progress, including new construction and rehabilitation. Programs include Public Housing, LIHTC, PBRA; HOME, USDA Rural Development. The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) also supports housing operations with project based vouchers.

The D&A team commenced the assessment of operations in April 2016 and provided the new business model, revised performance metrics, and recommendations for transition within 10 weeks of the initial site visit. Recommendations were based on industry best practices, with the analysis of the organizational capacity shaping the plan for implementation. The analysis and recommendations necessarily included review of interdepartmental communications and interactions, e.g. IT, finance, construction/development, and HCVP.

To support the transition to the new business model, the team developed job descriptions for new positions; reviewed and revised existing property management job descriptions; took the lead in interviewing and hiring staff to fill approximately 30 open positions. The team provided guidance for implementation of strategies to reduce costs, including implementation of Just-In-Time inventory and the closing of the central warehouse; contracting out for after-hours maintenance and call management. The team supported acceleration of a Request for Proposals for an enterprise software solution and currently supports property management in the implementation of the selected product.

The team provides technical reviews and analyses. As an example, mock Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs) were conducted as well as additional tenant files reviews. Training was designed specific to the needs of the property management staff and conducted with training for review and reinforcement to follow.

The D&A team is currently serving in the role of general manager for all housing operations. This includes consistent remote support as well as a scheduled on-site presence to support and direct day-to-day operations as staff transition to new leadership roles.

New goals consistent with investor expectations are being cascaded to all levels of property management to focus staff and align with the new level of accountability.



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